Mastering World Case Study

Producer - Ben Hillier

Ben Hillier, record producer extraordinaire

Ben Hillier is a highly acclaimed record producer based in London. He has a glittering roster of artists to his name - Blur, Depeche Mode, Doves, U2, Natalie Imbruglia and Elbow, to name but a few.

Ben is well placed to comment on Mastering World’s partner studios because he has mastered projects at all three studios that are part of our network:

- he’s mastered CDs at Hafod Mastering with Donal Whelan;

- he’s cut records at LOUD Mastering with John Dent;

- he’s mastered 5.1 albums at Super Audio Mastering with Simon Heyworth.

While some of his high-profile clients like to spend thousands upon thousands of pounds at world famous mastering facilities in London and the USA, Ben regularly recommends Mastering World to his self-funded clients.

Australian band Sparkadia, for example, were delighted - “Thanks for your work in mastering the album. Yourself and Ben couldn’t have done a better job. It sounds warm and classic, just the way we like it.”

“Too Much To Do” by Sparkadia

“These guys are all proper mastering engineers,” says Ben. “They’ve got heaps of experience, they’ve invested in top quality equipment and they’ve tuned their rooms. They’re the real deal - everything I get back from them sounds consistently excellent.”

“Velvet Lies” by The Lea Shores