Apple set to release music streaming service

11 Jun 2015

Apple Music Streaming Service Apple Music had its big reveal earlier this week, and it looks pretty good, and I’m worried it might do quite well…

This is Apple’s first advance in the world of streaming, since the advent of their digital downloads service back in 2003. Does this mean the digital download will be over?

Much like Jay Z’s Tidal, Apple Music have already been in talks with labels and artists about exclusivity. They even took a leaf out of Tidal’s book and teamed up with big names to announce the launch, Drake and Pharell were amongst the stars promoting the new Apple product.

Apple are pitching it at £9.99, with a free 3 month trial. Apple are hoping that the 3 month free trial period will convince digital downloaders and streamers to switch over to their new service. Should Spotify be worried?

Apple are also offering a ‘Family’ plan for the streaming service. The family plan is for up to six users. Spotify offer reduced rates for multiple accounts, but nothing as good as Apple’s 6 users offering.

According to Jimmy Iovine, who was the co-founder in Beats with Dr. Dre reckons the new service will benefit small up and coming artists as well as seasoned, established artists. This is a bold statement. Tidal recently set out to ‘pay artists what they deserve’, and thus far, it’s not proving to be that popular with the streaming culture.

Apple music will release in 100 countries later in June this year. Apple music will initially be available on iOS, Mac and Windows.

As with every other streaming service, Apple Music will offer a massive catalogue of millions of song and videos, and playlists created by editors and musicians. Apple are also introducing a 24 hour radio station, which is headed by ex-Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe.

There is another section to Apple’s new streaming venture, Connect. Connect is a cross between Facebook and Soundcloud. Users will be able to post from Connect to Facebook and Twitter, another social network to add to the list.

Apple have a great chance at making their new music streaming service a success. Just like they have done with the Apple Watch app, like they did with everyone’s favourite band, U2, we are going to see apps appear on our devices. Apple have a wealth of users that they can already seek out as new clients for their service. “The writing is on the wall: digital downloads don’t make sense for consumers that are connected wherever they go.”

“Advertising will help, but magically updating your iPhone or iPad to include a free month of Apple’s new service will help Apple catch up to Spotify’s paid subscriber base in less than a year.” – James McQuivey

Apple has been in the media recently for it’s controversial way of getting the upper hand on Spotify by trying to get them to scrap their free service. Apple have been in talks with labels, and are even rumored to have targeted Jay Z’s good friend, Kanye, in the hope that they can release his new album ‘Swish’ exclusively.

The next 12 months could see a change in the streaming market, if Apple fans stick to their guns as they normally do, then we will see Apple Music raise to dominance.