New Robyn Hitchcock album

23 Mar 2010

Robyn Hitchcock is quite a phenomenon, and a bit of a cult figure. When I mention to people that I’ve been working with him, their response is either “Robyn who?” or “Oh my God, that’s fantastic! He’s amazing, I’m a massive fan!”

For the uninitiated, I class him as an “eccentric English songwriter”, whose track titles include such gems as Uncorrected Personality Traits, Victorian Squid and Upside Down Church Blues.

pinned on my studio wall, Robyn's thankyou note for mastering Olé Tarantula

Robyn's thank you note

I’ve also mastered four new albums – this is one prolific artist! – the latest of which, Propellor Time, was released on Monday. Produced by one Charlie Francis (REM, Kaiser Chiefs, The Automatic) and mastered at my rather lovely studio, Hafod Mastering, this album has been in the pipeline for a while, so is a real good ‘un!

Next up, the Soft Boys remastered box set, which is booked into the studio next week. Watch this space!


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