When did Dance Music become EDM?

13 Oct 2016

For years, I’d always referred to dance music as, well, dance music. Then at some point in the last few years something changed, dance music became something entirely different, it took on a new look, a new face. EDM.

So, when did EDM become the norm? Simply, November 2013.

Over the years the phrase dance music has been steadily decreasing in search volume, and as such ‘EDM’ has take over, in spectacular style. It has continued to increase in popularity over the past 3 years.

Is there a difference between EDM and Dance Music?

Is Justin Bieber EDM? Is Ellie Goulding EDM?

Music producers have a lot to answer for, and it’s not their fault, but our pop music of the last 5 years is very driven by, you know it, electronic dance music. This is where part of the issue lies with the term EDM. Put simply, a lot of music (even if it isn’t really EDM, or dance music) these days can be chucked under that umbrella. Are Jack Ü and Justin Bieber EDM? Maybe? Do we actually have a differentiation between these?


EDM and Dance Music Trends


EDM was, at one point in time an umbrella, a catch all term for anything from House to techno and drum n bass. Now it’s simply become a genre and essentially pop music for an entire generation.