Top tools for Online Music Production

24 Nov 2016

It’s time to look at the online music production tools we have at our fingertips.

We’ve done analogue, we’ve done digital, now it’s time for the ‘online’ music creation tools, it must be, right?

For years we’ve had great tools like SoundCloud to showcase our sounds, and recently, Landr for AI mastering (sighs) but there’s never been that much for online music creation, has there? Think again.

Here, we’ve run down the top tools you can use to help you create online, from chord suggestion tools to sequencers, it’s all here.


  1. Autochords – Chord Progression GeneratorAutochords - Online Music Production | Mastering World

Regardless of what you might be thinking, ‘where’s the creativity in that, man’, but we all suffer from writers block, and this is a cool suggestive tool. One of the simplest yet most helpful online music making tools.

Auto chord suggest chord progressions dependant on the key and feel you are after. You can suggest the key, whether it’s major or minor, the choice between guitar and piano and you can randomise it completely, if you’re wild like that.

It’s a good tool for when you’re stuck in a jam and need a little kick to get where you need to be, it’s pretty useful.


2. - Online Music Production | Mastering World

If you hadn’t guessed by the URL, this is exactly what it says it is, an online sequencer.

It’s pretty useful, and works like any other piano roll would. These things are super helpful if you’re listening back to mixes and don’t have your DAW open, you can quickly sketch out a pattern or chord progression in no time.

The other cool thing with this tool is that if you’re not trying to map something out you can just bash at your keys on your laptop whilst you’re travelling, just make sure you’ve got headphones in.

You also get a choice of instruments, from a french horn to an acoustic guitar, a synth pluck and other general sounds. There’s also a wealth of pre-made sequences, over 30,000 to be exact. Want some inspiration? Take a look through some of these.


3. Typatone

Typatone - Online Music Production - Mastering World

Ever wondered what melody your name would be? Or how swearing might sound nice? Try this guy out for size.

This is a great little creation that allows you to type any word, phrase or insult and it will play it back to you. You’d be surprised how many utterly ridiculous words sound just beautiful when it’s transformed by this guy.

Like many of the other online music production apps/products, this is good for ideas, and it is really fun. If you’re having a rough day and can’t get any ideas? Get your anger out by becoming a keyboard warrior on Typatone, you might even get a half decent melody for your next track. To be honest, even if you don’t, you should be less angry now, and that’s at least one positive from the situation.

Once you’re done with your new blurb on typatone, you can simply leave, or download it (this does cost 99p, though) or send it your loved one.


4. Loop Labs 

Loop Labs - Online Music Production | Mastering World

This is like any looping software, think back to the glory days of eJay. It’s the same principle, a really easy to use interface, a wealth of sounds.

One of the best things about this? You can search for sounds based on genre and then by instrument, this makes it very easy to use. You can add tonnes of tracks, just click on the loop of audio on the right hand side, the new track is added and then you just loop, or don’t loop it and build up your track. It’s a great and simple way to create tracks, we do miss eJay.

You’ve got a few options when you first get on to the site, you can either start a track from scratch, remix a popular track or there’s the illusive ‘inspire me’ button. Loop Labs lets you collaborate with others.



Soundtrap - Online Music Production | Mastering World

This is slightly different to the rest of the online music creation pieces mentioned so far, this is more of a DAW, and a fairly robust digital audio workstation considering it’s online.

What do we think? Genuinely impressed. This is a pretty useful online tool. One very cool feature is the fact you can upload your own audio files. On top of that, you can also map out midi, and change midi instruments (the drum engines are actually pretty good).

On top of that, you can add in simple effects such as reverb, there is even autotune!

If you’re stuck, you can then collaborate with other users, if you wanna get help on your track that you’ve made almost all of the elements for online.