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Andy Miles in the Super Audio Mastering studio

Andy’s interest in sound engineering developed from a young age, dubbing back and forth using a karaoke machine. Eventually moving on to completing on-location recordings for singers and songwriters. After deciding to pursue a career in audio engineering Andy embarked on a Sound & Music Production degree course, hosted by DBS Music in the South-West UK, where he flourished, employing his troubleshooting skills as a technician and working every session he could (training on their Neve 51 Series console) in their on-site commercial studio, which has been host to various clients, Joss Stone, Rick Nowels, Mad Dog McRea and Rik Mayall to name a few. He graduated his degree with Honors in Sept 2009 and it was in that same year that he met Simon Heyworth.

Andy joined SAM three months later, in December 2009, putting an end to Simon’s 2 year search for a potential protegé. After joining the team at SAM, Andy experienced the ultimate baptism of fire, being thrown into the middle of some very challenging Stereo and 5.1 projects, working with Simon and Robert Fripp on the King Crimson catalogue and assisting Simon on the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds DVD-A series. Tackling both Stereo and 5.1 Mastering, although incredibly challenging, proved that Andy already had many of the skills necessary to facilitate the attention to detail which is so crucial to everything we do in Mastering.

Working with a highly skilled and seasoned Mastering engineer like Simon Heyworth has enabled Andy to ‘master’ Simon’s renowned ability for critical listening and perfectionist attitude. This is epitomised in Andy’s work with artists such as Robert Fripp, Imogen Heap, Simple Minds, Alison Moyet and labels like DGM/Panegyric, Universal, Mute, Sony and Beggars.

In addition to his experience in Mastering, due to his keen sense of balance in 5.1 surround sound, Andy is also developing a reputation as an exceptional 5.1 surround mix engineer, most notably mixing Goldfrapp’s ‘Tales Of Us’ (with Will Gregory), Recoil’s ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ (with Alan Wilder) and GRICE’s ‘Propeller’ (with GRICE) in 5.1 Surround at the Super Audio Mastering facility.

Andy says, “being a part of the family at SAM/MWorld enables us to deliver exceptional quality over a variety of formats and mediums at various levels of budget and needs. We always go the extra mile and will never conform to the bedroom studio and ’conveyor-belt’ type facilities that bash albums through without enough care or attention. We want our clients to experience Mastering the way it should be, with engineers who take the time to make their music the absolute best it can be. Our bespoke approach to each project facilitates that and is just one of the many reasons that our clients return to work with us again and again”.

10 years mastering experience

Mastering Highlights

Christopher Libertino
Christopher Wood
Dawn Chorus Ignites
Take Me With You (EP)
Bo Walton
Waiting On A Dream
Ben Solo
Somewhere Between The Horizon And The Sky


"As always, thank you in advance for your excellent work. You brought this record up to another level."
. Christopher Libertino

"I've received and downloaded the tracks. Thanks so much, that was awfully quick. Overall I'm delighted with the mastering. Absolutely thrilled. I'll certainly be coming to you next time I need some more mastering done."
. Mark Dowd

"Thank you so much for the tracks - they sound great. and they're everything you promised!"
. #FutureSelf


Tracks Cost
Single Track Mastering £60.00
Album Mastering (Unsigned) £600.00
Album Mastering (Signed) £600.00
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Single Track Mastering
Album Mastering (Unsigned)
Album Mastering (Signed)
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Album mastering packages include up to 12 tracks. Any tracks over 12 are charged at £50/track.

Super Audio Mastering

Super Audio Mastering studio

Housed in a spacious granite walled Roundhouse in an idyllic location on Dartmoor, in Devon, Super Audio Mastering produces the highest quality Masters for CD, DVD, SACD, Vinyl, Blu-Ray and Download.

Super Audio Mastering has established itself as one of the world’s finest Mastering studios. The studio is fully equipped to Master your music, both inStereo and Surround. Super Audio Mastering has worked on numerous projects, from new albums by new artists as well as seminal legacy productions that are remixed at 5.1 which underlines the studios capability of moving between Stereo and Surround Sound with ease.

At Super Audio Mastering we incorporate only the finest audio signal paths, converters and audio transparency.

TDL Transmission Line with Sumo Amps
M&K 2510P with MPS 2810 Bass Units on each channel plus Sub
Dunlavy SC-V's

1 x Sonic soundBlade 2.0 
1 x Merging Pyramix 6 System
2 x Sonic HD Multi-Channel PCM DAW
1 x Sonoma Multi-Channel DSD (Direct Stream Digital) DAW

Equipment List
SPL MMC1 Surround/Stereo Mastering Console
Ampex ATR 102 1/2”, 1/4” and Full Track Mono with ARIA electronics
Ampex 4 track 1/2”
Studer A820 1/2” & 1/4”
Studer A80 1/2” and 1/4” Classic Analogue Tape Machines
Sony DMR-4000 PCM 1630
Weiss Digital EQ and Dynamics
Waves L2
TC System 6000 with Massenburg MDW5 Surround EQ and Surround Processing
Penteo Surround Sound Processor
Z-Systems K-6 Surround Processor

Analogue EQ
Avalon 2077
Maselec MEA-2

Analogue Dynamics
SSL super analogue x-logic 5.1 compressor
Millennia Twincom TCL-2
Chiswick Reach

A-D and D-A Conversion PCM up to 192khz and DSD
DCS (6ch)
Meitner ADC & DAC Mk1V (8ch)
Pacific Microsonics with HDCD
D-D Conversion (PCM & DSD) is by 6ch of DCS974

Sample Rate Conversion
Weiss Saracon (Offline)
DCS974 (Realtime)

16 Years Established