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Professional Audio Mastering is the secret weapon of all major artists and record companies.

Use our mastering expertise to give your music chart-topping quality.

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    Some time ago, you have mastered one of my tracks. It's been a while but I only wanted to tell you that it's a pleasure to listen to the master you have made, again ...
    Ozan Öner, Turkey

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    All About Mastering World

    Welcome to MasteringWorld.com – The home of the online mastering network.

    World-class online mastering service based in the U.K.

    Mastering World is comprised of three of the top mastering studios, with six of the finest mastering engineers at studios based in the U.K. In total we have over 100 years of mastering experience, and work with some of the UK’s biggest artists. Check out our ‘Clients’ section to find out who we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

    What makes us different to every other online mastering service is all the tracks we master get the fully analogue treatment and you get to speak with your engineer. It's like an attended mastering session, without the attending!

    Our Studios:

    Hafod Mastering

    Super Audio Mastering

    Loud Mastering

    Our mastering studios suit any budget, mastering starts at just £50 per track. Not sure on whom you want to master your music? Try out the ‘Any Studio’ option and get any one of our mastering engineers to master your tracks. Head over to our Mastering Rates page for more information.

    Mastering services: Online Mastering , Mastering For iTunes, CD Mastering, Stem Mastering and Remastering.

    Some of these mastering services are a premium rate service and are not available on the ‘Any Studio’ rate. Check out the mastering services pages for more information.