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Professional Audio Mastering is the secret weapon of all major artists and record companies.

Use our mastering expertise to give your music chart-topping quality.

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    On average our music is listened to by between 2 & 6 million people, I think they deserve the best we can do. We use Hafod Mastering because they're lush, easily app...
    Brollyman, Composer

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    All About Mastering World

    Welcome to MasteringWorld.com – The home of the online mastering network.

    If you can’t make it to the studio, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Online Mastering.

    Our mastering studios don’t run attended sessions through Mastering World; we take care of all our sessions through our online mastering service.

    All our clients are happy to leave it with us, sit back and relax from the comfort of their own home and wait for their mastered tracks to land straight into their inboxes.

    Using online mastering lets you easily get your tracks mastered in a world class mastering studio with a choice of mastering studio or engineer. As with many online mastering services, it usually ends up being small home studios or small setups that aren’t going to get you the best results. With our online mastering, you get a top-class mastering studio and professional engineer; you get the same treatment as the attended clients, just from the comfort of your own desk!

    All charges for online mastering are made by track, this way you know how much the session is going to cost before you get started.

    How to get started with Online Mastering?

    Head over to the ‘Master Tracks Now’ section and start filling in our online mastering form to get started.

    The price is calculated as you go so you always know how much it’s going to cost you. We’ve tried to keep the process as transparent as possible and avoided hidden extras. If you have any extras you need for your online mastering order, they are all listed for you to choose as you go.

    Want to add something extra to your online mastering order after you’ve paid? That’s fine, our engineers are more than happy to help you out with any extras you might have missed!