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Professional Audio Mastering is the secret weapon of all major artists and record companies.

Use our mastering expertise to give your music chart-topping quality.

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    We loved your work, amazing, sounds really really nice. Thanks so much for your dedication to our music.
    Florian Droids, Costa Rica

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    All About Mastering World

    Mastering world is a combination of three dedicated mastering studios: Hafod Mastering, LOUD Mastering and Super Audio Mastering.
    The mastering engineers at Mastering World work in some of the U.K’s best mastering facilities. All three mastering studios are state of the art with high-end equipment used by experienced mastering engineers.

    Our studios suit any budget without compromising quality. Our mastering rates are charged by track, starting from as little as £50. Unsigned mastering package deals are also available, as well as album mastering deals. Check out our rates for more information, or get in touch with one of our mastering engineers.

    Mastering services we offer:Online Mastering, Virtually Attended Mastering, Mastering For iTunes, Attended Mastering, CD Mastering, Stem Mastering, Remastering and lots more. Some of these mastering services are a premium rate service and are not available on the ‘Any Studio’ rate. Check out the mastering services pages for more information.