What Our Clients Say

Just got a message from a friend at EMI Music India. Their mastering guy told him that our album is the best mastered album he has ever heard from EMI Music India. All credit goes 2 u buddy:)

On average our music is listened to by between 2 & 6 million people, I think they deserve the best we can do. We use Hafod Mastering because they're lush, easily approachable, they care and take great interest in what we do. Also, Donal & Gethin have great hair!!

I'm absolutely loving this, to be fair. Thank you SO much Gethin!

Oh man what did you do to the low end? It just sounds fantastic! Magical! I love it.

Every track is a winner! Album is fantastic & we are very happy. U are a total star! Thank you for your time, expertise & hospitality. Will spread the word.

The bass sounds amazing!!! The bass is strong and everything is in place, very very happy with results. Thanks for easy communication and attention with our work.

What I got back simply stunned, this was easily as good as the top level mastering rooms i'd used in the past. The sound had a suprising depth & width. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending you.

Mastering World's website is admirably easy to use

It sounds tremendous by the way – it brought a tear to my eye, (for real).

It was a thrill to be so contour mastered at close range and short notice. I look forward to dragging in all kinds of seedy - almost liquorice - old tapes from my back catalogue and hearing them fresh from the sonic waves of Mastering World.

Amazing mastering engineer, awesome human being. Donal is a magician. Mastering World Rocks

Just downloaded perfection! Thanks so much for working on this late into the night for me. Thanks again, dude! I really appreciate your work. The tracks turned out great!

Dude, these masters rock. Me and the guys had a 'crank to 11' session with them and we're thrilled with them. Thanks a lot!

As always a great job. Everything really clear and with the volume and punch needed. The band is listening as we speak and they are really excited with the result.

The album sounds amazing!!! So stoked! Sounds even better than I had imagined it could! Legendary work. Once again I appreciate the amazing service, and excellent work. I'd recommend you and Mastering World to anyone!

You've made the tracks really gel and sound powerful. The band are really happy. Thanks again for that, look forward to working with you again soon.

We loved your work, amazing, sounds really really nice. Thanks so much for your dedication to our music.

It's the first time I work with a mastering studio on ftp at 2000Km from here! And I confess that I'm very pleased by the personal side you give to the job and the nice contact you install with your client :o)

Thanks so much again for your wonderful job, the tracks are very loud and still with dynamics (really don’t understand how you mastering guys do that )

I really appreciate the personal and professional service you have provided to me on this demo CD mastering. I for one can say that online mastering does work!

Great work on the masters. The bass is strong and everything is in place, loud and keeping the detail, which is exactly what we intended.

The music is sounding all kinds of perfect.

Great job on the Spires mastering. It's kicking my ass!

The master files sound fantastic! I don't know how you do it..:) It just makes a tremendous difference to have your touch to the final result.

Some time ago, you have mastered one of my tracks. It's been a while but I only wanted to tell you that it's a pleasure to listen to the master you have made, again and again...and in a club, it's always the star of the night.

The relationship is great - friendly, professional, accommodating.

The tracks sound killer. In some respects they are bigger than any reference tracks we had in mind. Hopefully we will work with you again soon.

Great stuff. Sounds epic!