Mastering World Case Study

Label - The Animal Farm

The Animal Farm Logo Mat  and Ville Leppanen

The Animal Farm is an independent music company that is partly a traditional record label but also handles artist management, booking, production and music publishing.

As they say about themselves, “We make music and take it to market, looking after the well being and interests of those involved.” They’re also huge fans of the Hunter S Thompson quote about thieves, pimps and the music industry.

The Farm is run by Mat and Ville Leppanen, who first met us at the InTheCity music industry conference in Manchester back in 2007.

This sparked a longstanding and productive relationship between the Animal Farm and Mastering World that has led to us mastering 42 of their releases in the last year alone (which, we note in passing, is the answer to life, the universe and everything).

As Mat puts it “Everything comes back to us sounding better. You guys are our go to mastering service for every genre.”

“Good mastering is about understanding and trust” says Ville. “As long as we allow creativity to take its course, every time, without fail, we end up with the magic 10/10 deal with these guys. Thoroughly professional, their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is the final sprinkling of magic on our projects. Masteringworld are our preferred mastering company.”

“Einstein’s Theory” by The Sunset Strip Club

“Tin Crowned Kings” by The Manic Shine