Donal Whelan / Hafod Mastering

Donal Whelan in the Hafod Mastering studio

Academically qualified and professionally experienced, Donal Whelan's mission is to make music sound better.

Every day, Donal demonstrates his commitment to coaxing the best out of people's music by communication with his clients to understand their audio mastering needs, and then exceeding their expectations.

Donal understands how important your music is to you and how important creative expression is in this world. That's why he approaches every mastering job with the same care and attention that he brings to his chart-topping clients.

Work history
B.Mus(Tonmeister) at Surrey University
Chop Em Out, London
The Townhouse Post Production, London
Fairlight ESP, Sydney, Australia

Hafod Mastering

27 years mastering experience

Mastering Highlights

AR Rahman
Georgia Ruth
Week Of Pines
Come Back To What You Know
Eddi Reader
Heaven 17
Penthouse & Pavement (remastered)
The Menace
The Gentle Good
Tethered For The Storm
Miami Spider
Houdini Dax
You Belong To Dax Darling
Fila Brazilia
A Touch Of Cloth
Mary Hopkin & Morgan Visconti
You Look Familiar
Sandy Denny
Gold Dust - Live at the Royalty

Example Tracks

Demo Before Mastering After Mastering
The Spires - Fireworks
Inferno - Welcome To The Lion's Den


Donal mastered my album 'Ideas and Oh Dears' recently and did an incredible job. Now I have a cohesive gem of an album instead of merely a collection of songs. If you're wondering whether or not to master your project go get Donal to do it.
Kid Carpet. Tired and Lonesome Recordings, England

Been listening to the album. Brilliant job. Very pleased with it.
Matthew Scott. Virtual Variants, Wales

Both CDs excellent; Sweet Assassin is instantly stunning and able to inform my judgement on Vapour Trail, also stunning but a much more complex record and therefore required thinking about. Bear in mind that these albums are like children to me, and
DB Smith. NSC Records, England

It sounds bloody AMAZING guys… thank you so much…
Eddi Reader. Reveal Records

Cheers, Donal - you did a really great job with the album. I don't think we would have got the radio airplay without the album being mastered to such a high standard - please feel free to use this as a recommendation to prospective future clients!
Andy Smith. The Weary Band, England

That’s AWESOME dude!!! Thank you so much!
Sarah. 7th Circle


Tracks Cost
Single Track Mastering £75.00
Album Mastering (Unsigned) £700.00
Album Mastering (Signed) n/a
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Single Track Mastering
Album Mastering (Unsigned)
Album Mastering (Signed)
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Album mastering packages include up to 12 tracks. Any tracks over 12 are charged at £50/track.

Hafod Mastering

Hafod Mastering studio

Hafod Mastering
was designed and built by one of London's top studio designers in conjunction with Germany's finest acoustic consultant.

Most of the audio mastering processing is done in the analogue domain, quite simply because it makes your music sound better.

High-end analogue to digital converters, well designed analogue equipment and industry standard digital workstations give us the flexibility to achieve the sound that you’re looking for.

Revox Studio 4 monitors
Chord SPA608 Power Amp
Velodyne HGS18 Subwoofer

Sonic Studio soundBlade Mastering workstation
SADiE V4 Mastering workstation

Equipment List
Digital Audio Denmark ADDA2
Summit DCL-200 compressor
PrismSound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ
Manley Massive Passive Mastering Edition EQ
Manley SLAM analogue limiter
Ampex ATR102 1/2" and 1/4" tape machine
Sony PCM-7010 DAT
NAD C542 CD Player
ADT Monitoring and Metering System

Groovy stuff
Room acoustics by Murray Harris and Jochen Veith
6 custom designed LF resonators (bass traps)
Custom built diffusing ceiling
Star point earthing with earth stake under the mastering console
Westwick Installations mains balancing transformer

13 Years Established