Jason Mitchell / LOUD Mastering

Jason Mitchell in the LOUD Mastering studio

After joining John Dent at LOUD Mastering some 15 years ago, Jason Mitchell has enjoyed establishing himself alongside one of the mastering industry greats. With a love of musical styles that surpises many (sometimes inluding himself!), Jason is just as keen to master folk rock or jazz trios as he would drum & bass and electro.

Working in LOUD's audio mastering room always provides a unique opportunity to strive for a new level of excellence, therefore keeping the client's next release his, and Mastering World's, foremost priority.

Work history
Daylight Recording Studios
English West Coast Music
How's That Music
LOUD Mastering

25 years mastering experience

Mastering Highlights

Starfi Electronica
I Odyssey
Ozric Tentacles
Technicians Of The Sacred
Ursa Minor
Nathan Adams
Audio Therapy
We Have Band
Franz Ferdinand
Starfi Electronica
Yes Sir Boss
King In A Rocking Chair
Isobel Heyworth
The Attic Recordings
Half Seas Over
Half Seas Over
Josh T Pearson
Last Of The Country Gentlemen
The Rurals
Emotional Feelings
The Neil Cowley Trio
Radio Silence
Starfi Electronica
Runaway Droid
Tom Middleton
Life Tracks
General Midi
Operation Overdrive
Ozric Tentacles
The Floor's Too Far Away


"...Absolutely nailed them...sounds perfect! thank you so much."
. Charlie Bath

"...I think thats it, really it sounds fantastic. Great job."
. Elan Mehler

"I've just downloaded the studio master & it sounds great, mate. You've done such a great job on this track. Really very pleased with it & I will definately be using you guys again for future projects."
Kyle Stacey. High Rollers ft Keylas


Tracks Cost
Single Track Mastering £75.00
Album Mastering (Unsigned) £700.00
Album Mastering (Signed) £700.00
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Single Track Mastering
Album Mastering (Unsigned)
Album Mastering (Signed)
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Album mastering packages include up to 12 tracks. Any tracks over 12 are charged at £50/track.

LOUD Mastering

LOUD Mastering studio

LOUD Mastering's enviable reputation in audio mastering and CD mastering derives from decades of experience in cutting vinyl.

The great-sounding studio is populated with a weird and wonderful collection of equipment. John Dent and Jason Mitchell will try any approach and any combination of equipment, and will do whatever it takes to get "the sound"for every client.

From Kylie to Kasabian, from the Police to PJ Harvey, LOUD Mastering's expertise is unparalleled in the music industry.

LOUD Mastering for CD, Vinyl, Hi Definition Audio Mastering and Digital Downloads.

ATC SMC100A monitoring

4 Sonic High Definition digital workstations

Equipment List
Full analogue facility including half inch recording & playback
Choice of Studer with EAR electronics or Ampex ATR100 quarter inch
Neumann vinyl lathe
Powerful sounding analogue outboard EQ
Limiting and compression from Manley and Crane Song
Manley tube reference converters
Weiss, Waves, TC & Junger digital outboard
Ultra quiet signal paths & clean power supply

Air conditioning

20 Years Established