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Hidden away in rural Wales, surrounded by birds, trees and rolling hills, is a room with a stunning listening environment.

Pristine acoustics, incredible speakers and obsessive attention to the electrics and electronics means every fine detail of the music can be heard.

Old school analogue equipment and cutting-edge digital technology combined with passionate mastering engineers means incredible sounding masters.

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Loud Mastering in Taunton, England, is the brainchild of legendary mastering engineer, John Dent.

Loud is the ultimate old-school mastering studio - the main room is littered with tape machines, outboard gear piled high, speakers, amps and turntables, along with a classic Neumann cutting lathe sitting regally in the corner.

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Picture a tall stone room, hundreds of years old, on the edge of the desolate beauty of Dartmoor, England. In the room is the reassuring presence of veteran sound engineer, Simon Heyworth.

The room is beautifully laid out with modern and vintage studio equipment, complex computer systems for high res and surround audio and tasteful hanging acoustic panels to focus the sound.

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