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Since joining the Hafod Mastering team in 2009 Gethin John has been working alongside Donal Whelan perfecting the subtle arts of the mastering craft.

Bridging the worlds of recording and mastering, Gethin is also a record producer and mix engineer, which gives him a different perspective and a deeper understanding of where your music is coming from when you're ready for mastering.

Continuing the Hafod Mastering tradition of putting communication and the personal touch at the forefront of everything we do, Gethin makes sure that you will get exactly what you need for your record.

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Hafod Mastering

Hidden away in rural Wales, surrounded by birds, trees and rolling hills, is a room with a stunning listening environment.

Pristine acoustics, incredible speakers and obsessive attention to the electrics and electronics means every fine detail of the music can be heard.

Old school analogue equipment and cutting-edge digital technology combined with passionate mastering engineers means incredible sounding masters.

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