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Since joining the Mastering World team in 2009 Gethin John has risen to become Hafod’s chief engineer. Initially working alongside Donal Whelan to perfect his mastering craft Gethin fast established his own reputation as a highly sought after mastering engineer.
Now a highly experienced engineer he is known for huge sounding masters, delivering for clients all over the world including Emmy winning TV soundtracks, Indian chart hits and award winning UK indie artists.
Gethin is also an excellent mixing engineer and producer. With his understanding of the rest of our industry he is perfectly positioned to hear exactly where your mix is coming from and where it needs to go.

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Hafod Mastering

Hidden away in rural Wales, surrounded by birds, trees and rolling hills, is a room with a stunning listening environment.

Pristine acoustics, incredible speakers and obsessive attention to the electrics and electronics means every fine detail of the music can be heard.

Old school analogue equipment and cutting-edge digital technology combined with passionate mastering engineers means incredible sounding masters.

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