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LOUD Mastering

After joining John Dent at LOUD Mastering some 20 years ago, Jason Mitchell has enjoyed establishing himself alongside one of the mastering industry greats. With a love of musical styles that surprises many (sometimes including himself!), Jason is just as keen to master folk rock or jazz trios as he would drum & bass and electro.

Working in LOUD's audio mastering room always provides a unique opportunity to strive for a new level of excellence, therefore keeping the client's next release his, and Mastering World's, foremost priority.

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LOUD Mastering

Loud Mastering in Taunton, England, is the brainchild of legendary mastering engineer, John Dent.

Loud is the ultimate old-school mastering studio - the main room is littered with tape machines, outboard gear piled high, speakers, amps and turntables, along with a classic Neumann cutting lathe sitting regally in the corner.

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