Online Mastering

Our online mastering service lets you access world class mastering facilities simply and easily. Our online mastering rates start from just £50 per track. All our mastering work is carried out by our world class mastering engineers, working in the U.K's best mastering studios.

What do you get from Online Mastering?

  • The U.K.'s best analogue mastering studios

  • Mastering by world class mastering engineers

  • Easy to use online mastering platform

But why Mastering World for your Online Mastering?

Unlike many online mastering services available, our mastering studios combine some of the best analogue gear available with world class mastering engineers. The result is a truly professional mastering service with all the convenience we've come to expect from the internet.

But my producer / recording engineer / mix engineer says they can do the mastering...

If you’re seasoned in the art of mastering, then you can probably go ahead and skip this, but if you’re new to mastering and the mastering processes, it might be worth reading this to get to know what exactly mastering is.

Isn’t mastering just turning up the volume? If that was the case there would be no mastering engineers!

Mastering isn’t mixing, it’s in fact something completely different. Sometimes the terms get coined together, you’ll hear ‘mixing and mastering’, be assured, they are two completely separate things! The tools used by a mastering engineer are similar to those used in the recording and mixing processes, things like equalisers and compressors, but we use them slightly differently.

Mastering is the final stage in your music production process, whether you’re mastering your band's next single, or just mastering your own productions, it really does make a difference.

But what do you actually do to my music?

The difference between a mastered track and unmastered track can vary greatly; mastering can improve some tracks drastically, whilst others it will be more subtle but equally valuable. A finished mix might sound great (especially on the speakers it was mixed on!) with each component in the exactly right place but in mastering we work on the track more holistically and relative to other tracks and references. Mastering is loved by musicians and engineers because it can be used to enhance the good bits, and help tame any bits (like muddy mids) that need attention.

With online mastering, you’re not here (obviously!), but it is still your session: you’re the reason we are here, and it's your art that we're working on. We aren’t AI, we are human and really like to chat. It’s good for us to know as much as can about your session, the more we know about you, your music and your references, the more we can tailor your mastering session to you and the quicker we can make your tracks perfect. We’ve made this simple, there’s a whole section dedicated to this in the ‘Master Tracks Now’ section when you put your mastering order through.

Mastering is the secret weapon of any musician or artist. We take care of the mastering for you, no need to make the trip to a studio. Mastering your music online is the simplest way to get your music mastered without even leaving your home, and we work on a quick turnaround so you won't be left waiting for long.