Protect your ears!

21 Dec 2015

PROTECT_YOUR_EARSEars are important, you find many musicians these days suffering from tinnitus – an irritating ringing in the ears, that affects around 10-15% of the population.

We all wear sun glasses when the sun is out, right? We need to do the same for our ears, especially in the industry we work in, your ears are important.

Hearing loss is preventable, and the risk of damaging your hearing depends on certain factors:

-the intensity of the sound

-the loudness of the music or sounds

– where you are in relation to the sound source

– how long you are exposed to the sound

– other music exposure, for example listening to your iPod to loudly.

– other hearing conditions


High frequency sounds are the most damaging, at around 2-4 kHz.


So, what can you do to stop your ears from breaking?

– Turn down your mp3 player, turn down your TV, or any other music or video device.

– monitor the sound levels at rehearsals/performances and in the studio 

– Limit the time you are exposed to these sounds 

– taking a break from the loud sound source

– wear earplugs!

It’s not always that easy to just stop what you’re doing and going out and taking a break from the music, but it is worth it. If you’re working solidly for a couple of hours, you probably won’t be working at your best. We spend tens of hours a week in the studio, and one thing we do on a daily basis is take breaks, and time for ours to recover. This isn’t only good for our ears, but it means that you get to have a break from the music, which means you’ll be able to work better, for longer periods.

Don’t mix too loudly

There are good reasons for turning a mix up at points, and to be honest, we all love blasting our mixes, right? But, it’s better for you, and your beloved ears to mix at a quieter level. Mixing at a level where you can still chat and hear other people talking to you is a good idea, anything too loud and you will start to damage your ears, especially if you’re mixing constantly. Also, mixing at a loud level isn’t good for your mix, so your mix and your ears will thank you for turning it down!

It can happen at any time…

So, your ears can deteriorate over time, or you could have one bad experience at a live show that gives you tinnitus that you suffer with for life. Remember to use ear plugs, if you go to a lot of gigs, or do live sound.


Protect your ears, they’re your biggest asset in this industry.