Record Store Day 2015

16 Apr 2015

Record Store Day 2015 at mastering world



That time of year is almost upon us again, Record Store Day is this Saturday the 18th April. Record stores will open their doors for a full blown hectic day of music fans grabbing limited edition albums, box sets and singles.

So it is upon us again, and what can we expect? Well, there’s a list, a massive list of exclusives and special stuff for Record Store Day. You can see the full list of the RSD record list here.

Here’s our list of  vinyl records to bag on Record Store Day 2015.

These are in no particular order, before the riot breaks out.

1. Foo Fighters – “Songs from the Laundry Room” This ten-inch features songs recorded at the Laundry Room studio in Seattle, which includes two demos, an unreleased track and a cover of “Kids in America”.

2.Run the Jewels – “Record Store Day Release” Run the Jewels released one of 2014’s best rap albums, now they are back with four tracks, with one that is previously unreleased. If you can grab this then I definitely would.

3. The White Stripes – “Get Behind Me Satan” To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ they are releasing the album for the first time on vinyl. In White Stripes style, one record is on red vinyl and the other on white vinyl.

4. Florence + the Machine – What Kind of ManFlorence + The Machine’s new single will be released on 12-inch vinyl, in freaking BLUE! Flip it over and you get to hear an unreleased track from her soon to be released new album, the track is called “As Far As I Can Get”.

5. Mumford and Sons – “Believe” The old country style has disappeared from their new sound, electric instruments are in, tweed is out. This single comes with B Side, ‘The Wolf’ and is off their highly anticipated new album ‘Wilder Mind’.

6. Vampire Weekend  – “Step” Vampire Weekend will release 3,000 copies of ‘Step’ on 12-inch white vinyl with remixes and instrumentals.

7. Brian Eno – “Lost” This will be the first time this album has been pressed to vinyl, and it will include a never-heard-before track, ‘Rapid Eye’.

8. Chvrches – “Dead Air/Get Away” Chvrches are releasing this 7-inch vinyl which features two un-related singles, ‘Dead Air’ and ‘Get Away’. ‘Dead Air’ is fresh from the “Hunger Games” sound track, and ‘Get Away’ is from the re-score of the Ryan Gosling film, ‘Drive’.

9. Jurassic 5 – “Quality Control (The Wood Box)” Jurassic 5 release this four LP set in Wooden Box.

10. Mclusky – “Mcluskyism” Mclusky are releasing ‘Mcluskyism’ on vinyl for the first time. The LP is limited to 1000 copies.

11. Metallica – “No Life ’til Leather” Metallica will release their 1982 demo tape for this years Record Store Day as a limited edition cassette (don’t tell cassette store day, though).

12. Sikth – “The Trees Are Dead and Dried Up” Sikth will be releasing a re-issue of their genre defining album with a limited run of 500 copies on double black vinyl.

13. Simon and Garfunkel – “Homeward Bound” Record Store Day exclusive release on 7-inch vinyl  with a limited run of 500 copies.

14. The 1975 – “Music For Cars EP” This is the first time that this EP has been available in this format. It is a 12-inch clear vinyl which includes 4 tracks.

15. The Maccabees – “Colour It In” London based band Maccabees are re-releasing their debut album ‘Colour It In’ for the first time on vinyl with a limited run of 1000, which are individually numbered.

16. A-ha – “Take On Me” I couldn’t leave this out. A-ha are releasing a 7-inch picture disc with a single run of 1000 copies.

17. Adam and The Ants – “Kings of The Wild Frontier/Ant Music” Released on a 7-inch vinyl with a limited run of a thousand with printed numbers on sleeve.

18. Biffy Clyro – “Puzzle” Biffy are releasing a limited run of 1000 copies of their brilliant album ‘Puzzle’ for Record Store Day 2015. It is a double LP released on WMG/Warner.

19. Bob Marley – “The Early Years Collection (1960 – 1971) This box set of 7-inch vinyl records comes with 4 green vinyl, 4 red vinyl and 4 yellow vinyl plus a poster with a quantity of 2000 being made available.

20. David Bowie – “Changes” This previously unreleased AA side was recorded in 1971. It is known as the ‘Gem Promo’, after the record label ‘Gem’ that pressed the record. It’s making it’s official release on Record Store Day 2015 and is an RSD exclusive with a limited run.

21. Daughter / WarPaint – “Winter/Feeling Alright” Released through Rough Trade on a 12-inch vinyl with a limited run of 500.

Check back tomorrow for more of the releases we are looking forward to on Record Store Day this weekend!