Spotify rumored to stop free ad-supported service

19 May 2015

Free Music Streaming SpotifySay what? Yes, it’s true, according to some sources, Spotify will be (eventually) stopping it’s free streaming service.

The popular streaming service which has over 60 million users, most of which are on the streaming platforms free, ad-supported service will soon stop the free service.

This price re-form comes at a time when Spotify are being pressured by labels to stop their free service. According the the, current free ad-supported users will be able to continue their subscription for six months before either taking out the premium service or leaving the service, seems fair enough.

For Spotify, their numbers are good, they have over 15 million premium subscribers in 58 countries, converting the other 45 million subscribers to the premium service will be the hard step in this process.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of speculation and talk around Spotify and it’s services, especially after Taylor Swift pulled her back catalogue and new album, ‘1989’.

Record labels, although they aren’t happy with the amount of money streaming earns, are urging people to avoid piracy. Stephen Cooper, Warner Music Group CEO spoke out about music piracy saying ‘Piracy is zero revenue, it’s the theft of intellectual property, and it’s not good for anyone’ –

Personally, I find that streaming, regardless of service, whether it’s ad-free, premium or Tidal’s Hi-Fidelity option, streaming is better than stealing, right? Well, Mr. Cooper seems to think so to – ‘So, all of these models are better than piracy, that’s number one’.

When will the service change? We’re not sure, but with the pressure being added by labels and other big companies, I don’t think it will be far away. If Spotify is able to turn it’s free users into paying subscribers, we will hopefully see a slightly happier music industry…we’ll see.



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