Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good


Bryde’s music is raw and evocative, and she paints that picture sonically as well as musically. This song contrasts empty verses, made up of crunchy up-front electric guitar and haunting vocals, with huge, heavy instrumental sections. The main focus of this piece is Bryde’s vocals so we worked to keep her up front and prominent, while working the music behind her to be powerful yet not overbearing. The contrast between quiet and loud are a critical part of this song and, while the artist wanted the loudest part to be mastered very loud, there was still plenty of room to let the song’s natural dynamics set the appropriate mood.

About the song

Bryde is the latest project from London-based Welsh songwriter, Sarah Howells. Having won hearts across Europe as part of the band Paper Aeroplanes, she is now carving out her own niche in the London music scene with some captivating music of her own.