Slowly Rolling Camera

The Fix


The band made a conscious decision not to master this album too loud, we set the bar at least 3dB quieter than we did for their last album. This meant that as the songs grow and all the various layers and textures build up, there is room for those dynamics without the music feeling like it’s closing down. We pressed the Ampex ATR102 tape machine into service and ran the mixes onto ½” tape and back to add that particular flavour to the finished sound. It also helped to relax a slight tightness in the mix and make it feel overall a bit less digital. The low end is very important in this track (and to this band) so we were careful not to get it too muddy but still to give the double bass enough body and get the subs feeling solid.

About the song

Slowly Rolling Camera is a meeting of four very different musical minds, blended through jazz into a captivating, epic sound. The Fix is the opening track from their latest album, All Things, released in November 2016.