John Dent RIP

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There was a man with vision and a deep understanding of life and his profession. He started his career at 16 and carried it through for the rest of his life. Along the way he inspired musicians and was known as a “mad professor”, he was King of vinyl.

It is sad that his knowledge has passed with him but so much is left in the engineers he trained.

Sadly, he left us after a long battle with cancer on December 29th 2017.

The studio legacy lives on with Jason at the helm but John will always remain proudly at it’s heart.

RIP my friend.
RIP my love.
Anna Dent and Jason Mitchell

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LOUD Mastering

Loud Mastering in Taunton, England, is the brainchild of legendary mastering engineer, John Dent.

Loud is the ultimate old-school mastering studio - the main room is littered with tape machines, outboard gear piled high, speakers, amps and turntables, along with a classic Neumann cutting lathe sitting regally in the corner.

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